May 20, 2024

A new type of calendar, “Weekly/Monthly Events” on each page’s main menu, has been added to Hicks with Sticks.  This new calendar features all the live shows that happen regularly every week or month, which is different from the combined listing of regularly scheduled and one-off shows on the familiar HWS calendar, which remains as it’s always been.

Regularly scheduled shows are grouped by day of the week on the new calendar.  In addition, this calendar includes local radio shows, bluegrass jams, and DJed events (usually vinyl spinners).  There are plans to add regularly scheduled dance and other cultural events in a wider set of Americana genres, but still within the general interest of the wider HWS audience.

Ever wonder what was happening on a particular day?  The new page confirms that something is going on every day of the week.  Now that you can find it, you can do it.

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