June 18, 2024

Balançoire (bal-an-swar), which means swing in French, has opened on Mission between 22nd and 21st, around the corner from the Make-Out Room in SF.  Some might remember it as the Blue Macaw, but most reading this will remember it as 12 Galaxies, a venue that regularly staged local and touring Americana bands during the 2000s.

Hicks with Sticks spoke with Richard Einselen, the club’s owner, who appreciates that he’s managing three businesses in one: a bar, a Creole restaurant and a performance venue.  His first priority has been to get the bar and restaurant working; the performance aspect is still taking shape.  By now, he’ll have seen the Hicks with Sticks Bands page, though his interest in having Americana bands play Balançoire was clear from when we first spoke.   The welcome mat is out at Balançoire and bands should get in touch.  André Thierry and Zydeco Magic, a Cajun dance band, has already played there, which is a sign of more to follow. 



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