Party HQ - Saturday June 23, 2007
3223 Mission at Valencia in S.F.
(Click for site) Jose & Susan
Jan's Geezer Cake
(She does know how to spell, but had run out of
Jose & Utah Sue
Jose & Ranger Sue at the Spread
Mark and Michelle at the Spread
Chef Mark of
The Spread
A Lebanese Brochetta
(The Greens are Dandilion)
Lebanese Rolled Thingies, Yum!
Manushee (Lebanese Pizza Thingies) Yum!
Fatoosh Salad
Hummus with Paprika
Tahini with Mint
Tom Armstrong
Hot Aahjee Rolls & Kefta (Lamb) Meatballs
Tom Armstrong and Chuck Poling's Hat
The Shut-Ins
John                                                             PARTY ANIMALS

                                                                          Pam     Travis        Susan         Steve          Helen            Jamie                        Didi

Maurice                               Dannie                         Jan                                  Lori                                                      Gayle
Boogie            Roper's                                   Chrissie's
                                                                                             Helen                       Girl Sue             Sister      Denise                      Hair         Pam        John

             Jose                                        Didi                 Gayle                                                Jan                                             Lori                 Jenn's Hair
Jose Inroducing 77 el Deora 77 el Deora Rockin' de House
More Party Animals Denise (Yard Sale) & Jose
Jeanine & Jose
Carolyn, Owen, Jill (Red Meat, Yard Sale)
Chris, Pam (Lost Weekend, Belle Monroe),
Gayle Lynn (& the Hired Hands), Jose
Carrie, Lydia & Jose
Cree Rider (Misisipi Rider)
Chuck Poling (Jeanie & Chuck's Country Round-Up)
Denise Funari (Yard Sale)
Dannie Leone (Lipsey Mountain String Band)
Eric Reedy (B-Stars), April & Jose
Background: Corey Losee (Shut-Ins), Ted Silverman (Belle Monroe)
Jamie Alessio
Jeanine Richardson
Jenn Courtney (77 el Deora), Jose, J9R
Joann Greco
John Poultney (Shut-Ins), Michael Koppy (solo), Jan,
Jeanie (& Chuck's Country Round-Up) & J9R
Jose & Lori
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jose & Blonde Viking Woman
Karen Smith
Jose & Karen
Maurice (77 el Deora) and Catherine (Starlene)
with Dave Looking Back
Maurice Tani (77 el Deora)
Twanger-Songwriter Michael Koppy
Owen Bly with Viktoria and Johnny Parr
The Guy Far Left Is Steve Kallai (77 el Deora),
but the Rest Must Be Party Crashers
Rich Hendricks Gets in a Plug for the Belle Monroe CD.
He's the One In the Cowboy Hat on Its Cover
Bassist Rob McCloskey and Drummer Ken Owen
Who Have Played in Approximately 13,302,186 Bands
Jose and Officer Steve
Officer Steve Busted for Stealing Jose's Girlfriend
Silver String Teddy
Ted Silverman (Fireball Mailmen), Chris, Jose, Pam & Gayle
Travis, Pam and Gayle
Jose, Chef Mark and Susan
Jose, Susan and Madonna
Denise & Jose
Cutting the Geezer Cake
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