April 13, 2024

33 revolutionsCLUB WATCH: However bleak the future my look for Bay Area bands and clubs, new ones keep cropping up.  Cafes seem to be where the action is.  33 Revolutions in El Cerrito is the newest; it’s a combination cafe and vinyl record store that favors jazz and rock, but offers roots and other styles as well.  The similarly named but unrelated Revolution Cafe is across from the Makeout Room, on 22nd between Mission and Valencia in SF.  It ran afoul of S.F. City Hall’s music gatekeepers, but they are booking music on the acoustic side once again.  The Blue Macaw, a restaurant that features international music, has opened in the former 12 Galaxies space on Mission.  They may not have a lot to offer HWS readers, but a tip of the hat is due to any live music venue opening in the teeth of a recession…  The Country Casanovas have ended their Wednesdays at Pissed Off Pete’s in SF’s outer Mission.  By agreement, the band was at the club on an off-night to use it as a practice/performance space, but as the band got better they didn’t need a once-a-week practice.  HWS spoke to Pete himself who said the club is open to bands that want to use it.  Talk to Pete at the club, which doesn’t have a site.

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