July 23, 2024

Update,6/4/11: This is the playlist from the KALX show described below.

“Emmitt” – Don Burnham
“Life of the Party” – Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys
“Straight and Narrow” – Jesse Jay Harris
“16 Chicks” – Midnight Trio
“South of Eureaka” – Whisky Pills Fiasco
“Redneck Barbie” – Jinx Jones
“Man Who Comes to Our House” – Shut-Ins
“Broken Heart Records” – Harkenbacks
“Red Lights” – Axton Kinkaid
“Woman (Sensuous Woman)” – Plain High Drifters
“I’m Gonna Leave Here Shoutin'” (live) – Red Meat
“Tall Pines” – Laurie Lewis
“Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette” – Lonestar Retrobates
“DeMarco’s 23 Club” – Hi-Rhythm Hustlers
“(Got Thrown Out of the) Waffle House (for Makin’ Out in the Booth)” – Truckstop Honeymoon
“Cold, Cold Heart” – Stiff Richards
“Ringo” (live and drunk) – Chase Gowdy and the Rusty Nails

Hicks with Sticks on KALX
Marilyn Digs HWS on the Radio

Get ready for Hicks with Sticks on KALX, 90.7 and webcast on Tuesday at 11:59 PM (technically midnight 6/1 in the AM). Hear new releases from Don Burnham (Lost Weekend), Jinx Jones, Midnight Trio, Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys, Laura Benitez, Whisky Pills Fiasco plus other Bay Area faves and a ’90s vintage rock/ska version of Hank Wms “Cold, Cold Heart”.

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