April 13, 2024

Tom Drohan and Gayle Schmidt were on a train platform in Spain looking at this picture of their house in flames.  Pam Brandon had just returned from visiting her parents in France to find her home in ruins.  Drohan/Schmidt occupied the lower flat at 434-436 Waller, Pam Brandon lives in the upper flat.  There was no loss of life, pets, or a Martin guitar which was saved by the firemen, but everything else is now gone.

All have strong ties to the Bay Area Americana community.  Pam Brandon leads Belle Monroe and her Brewglass Boys (bluegrass), sings in Lost Weekend (western bop/swing), and sings in D’lilah Monroe and the Tomcats (swing).  Tom Drohan plays stand-up bass as a Brewglass Boy and as a Tomcat.  He’s also in the Shut-Ins (hulabilly) and plays bass with his wife in Gayle Lynn (Schmidt) and the Hired Hands (Americana/country).  They’re all great people to have at a party, especially at the Waller St. parties they’ve hosted themselves.

The Haighteration blog, which reports Lower Haight news, carried the picture above and more details here and here.  The-434-436-Waller-Fire-Relief-Page Facebook page can be found here.  Fundraisers are being organized and will be on the Hicks with Sticks Calendar and in comments to this post.  All three are bounce-back people, but their need for help is clear.  Let’s rally!




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