June 18, 2024

It was too easy to josh Hank Maninger (Jukebox Charlies, The Triple Shots, Nashville Honeymoon) about the 2016 demise of The Better Haves.   “Two couples forming a band, Hank?  What were you thinking?” One couple navigating one band is what he and his life-partner Lynne Maes have in mind for Nashville Honeymoon.

Their sound is solid honky-tonk driven by Tim Wager on electric bass and Robi Bean on drums.  Catch them at two shows this week: Thursday, 12:30-1:30 at Mint Plaza, 5th and Mission in SF, and on August 5th with Lil’ Jimmy & Jenny Dee at the Plough and Stars, 116 Clement in SF.

Find three songs,a video and more information at their site.  Find a schedule for SF’s free downtown weekday shows, like the one Nashville Honeymoon plays on Thursday in Mint Plaza, at People in Plazas.