April 13, 2024

Hicks with Sticks has added a video page plus a “Video” option on the main menu.  HWS videos have been available via the Hicks with Sticks Facebook page since 2011.  Notices of new videos that may not be posted on HicksWithSticks.com are always posted on FB, which is likable for those who want to follow Bay Area Twang more closely.

The problem is that the FB video page shows a picture from the video and contains a link, but there are no artist names or song titles associated with the pictures.  In brief, FB’s video index page isn’t much of an index.  HWS expects to add 50 videos to FB in 2013, and there are 16 posted now.  That’s already too many for viewers to manage without more information, so the new video page combines each picture with the band’s name, the song’s title and the video’s run time like the samples above.

There are three categories of HWS videos: active Bay Area Bands like Red Meat, the B-Stars, and Jinx Jones and the Kingtones; Bay Area bands of the past like the Mighty Slim Pickins and Big B and his Snakeoil Saviors; and touring bands like Gal Holiday, Lucky Tubb and Big Sandy.  As the collection grows, the HWS Video page will divide into three sub-pages, one for each of these categories.

In the immediate future, expect a quantum leap in video editing.  Sparing no expense, HWS has invested in an application which is getting its maiden rum on Gal Holiday’s “Yes, Ma’am” which will debut next, so stay tuned with HWS videos on FB.  Meanwhile, check out Rudi & Rudy’s very funny duet, and rare capture of a one-off performance, here.



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