June 18, 2024


HICKS WITH STICKS Serving the Greater Bay Area Since 1999Hicks with Sticks is the site for San Francisco Bay Area western swing, honky-tonk, alt-country, rockabilly and points in between: generally on the amplified side of twang.  For SFBA bluegrass, old-time and acoustic Americana, find that information at Bluegrass Signal.

The history of Hicks with Sticks begins as a radio show on Berkeley Liberation Radio in 1999.  Since that was before social media, sign-ups received a monthly e-newsletter that featured information about upcoming shows, planned guests, new releases and news related to the music.  The radio show ran its course and the newsletter became this site.

The website features a calendar of SFBA live shows.  There’s a second calendar of events that occur regularly on a weekly or monthly basis.  Some are the same live music listings found on the main calendar, but DJed shows as well as shows of interest, but outside this site’s main scope, are also included.  The Bands page features links to all the bands on the HWS radar, the Venues page lists places where those bands appear, and the Home page features news about bands, clubs, trends, podcasts and more.  There’s also a Videos page with links to home-grown videos which are featured on the HWS Facebook page.

“Like” Hicks with Sticks on Facebook to receive posts about upcoming events and other news.  Follow “josesegue” on Instagram for pictures of bands and events.  Sorry, no Tweets.

Lauren and Teri

José Segue stirs the pot containing SFBA’s twanging music, manages this site, produces shows, enjoys live shows, and DJ’s from time to time on radio, in clubs or for private events.
Contact JoseSegue@“this site’s URL” for additions to the Bands or Venues pages and general inquiries.

Stompin’ Steve Hathaway maintains the HWS calendar and hosts “The Cupertino Barndance” on 91.5 FM in KKUP Cupertino.  He’s also the webmaster of www.WesternSwing.com, which is dedicated to western swing past and present.
Contact Steve@“his site’s URL” to get your gig listed on the HWS calendar.