July 23, 2024

Here is the Hicks with Sticks playlist of Bay Area locals (plus George Jones and three from Oakdale) which aired on KALX’s “Why Baby, Why?” show, as it does every time there’s a 5th Tuesday in a month, April 30th at 11:59.9 pm.

  1. “Why Baby, Why” – George Jones: our tribute to the passing of a master from KALX’s Tuesday night Americana show named after this song.
  2. “Little Bit O’ Lovin'” – The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit: a new release from the band that made Oakdale famous.
  3. “The Scout” – Brothers Comatose: a new release from a band that’s riding high, touring, and having too much fun to stop now.
  4. “The Way It Is” – Front Country: a new release from a band on the lively side of acoustic Americana.
  5. “This Old House” – Barbwyre: a new release from a Sonoma County country-folk band.
  6. “Devil Came to Town” – Dirty Hand Family Band: a new release by an edgy, unclassifiable Americana band.
  7. “Don’t Think of Me Unkindly” – Earl Brothers: a recent release from the bluegrass band that “doesn’t do happy.”
  8. “Can’t Find My Way Home” – Joe Goldmark with Keta Bill: supplying pedal steel, vocals and twang on this Steve Winwood classic.
  9. “Rock Me Daddy-O” (live) – Golden West Trio with Miss Kay Marie: unreleased, HWS exclusive from the talented Acquafondata siblings.
  10. “I Always Get Lucky with You” – Rock Soup Ramblers: specialists in “Living Room” Americana.
  11. “Them Travelers” – Tom Vandenavond: the bard who made Oakdale famous.
  12. “Gonna Have a Good Time” – Emily Anne Band: ah, the joys of a woman who’d rather have her own life than a family.
  13. “Wrong Way to Run” – Willie Tea: from the acoustic solo CD by a member of The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit and the next Mayor of Oakdale.
  14. “My Window Faces the South” – The B-Stars: reviving a Bob Wills classic on their 2012 CD.
  15. “Champaign Taste on a Beer Budget” – Tom Armstrong: from his 2012 CD and his wellspring of alcohol-related (not “fueled”) songs.
  16. “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” (live) – Moonshine Maybelline: a Warren Zevon cover track that no member of the band has, and from a band so new that it has yet to play its first gig.  Talk about an exclusive!
  17. “12-Inch, 3-Speed Oscillating Fan” (live) – Red Meat: in honor of the band having just celebrated its 20th year.
  18. “19 Miles to Hell” – RevTones: closing out the show with a rockabilly tune from Fremont’s finest.


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