April 19, 2024

Nashville Honeymoon live stream from Bird & Beckett

Musicians have turned to live-streaming and virtual tip jars to cope with coronavirus imposed stay-at-home orders that have shut off their social contact and income. Yesterday I watched James Inveldt stream a personal 3-hour ad lib performance he does regularly. With guitars he sings songs often taken by request on the fly as he watches his Facebook feed from fans from Europe and US. Live streaming has its hiccups, but is evolving. Some have begun to perform remotely with other band members via Zoom or other apps. Like any live show, spontaneity makes for interesting and sometimes surprising happenings.

I urge you to explore for your favorites. Your support both spiritually and financially go a long way to maintain these musicians mental health and help their shut off incomes.

Among local artists that I watch and support are:

Mitch Polzak
Live From The Polzak Ponderosa – Fridays 6pm

Nashville Honeymoon
Nashville Honeymoon – Occasional

Steve Lucky and Carmen Getit
The Steve Lucky & Carmen Getit Show Saturday Night Live – Saturdays 8pm

Some out of town streams that well worth exploring:

Stellar Shows has a great series hosted by the likes of Big Sandy and Deke Dickerson that features all kinds great roots music. This Sunday (May 24) will feature “The Ladies of Rockabilly” with online appearances of Rosie Flores, Ruby Ann, Cherry Rat, Marti Brom, Amber Foxx and Celine Lee. Plus a special tribute to Wanda Jackson.
Christopher Burkhardt’s Eclectic American Roots – Sundays Noon

Another great series, again often hosted by Big Sandy is Westcoast Ramble.
Westcoast Ramble – Saturdays 7pm

Portland, Oregon’s HonkyTonkBasement features great country music from local bands and musicians including former Bay Area resident Tom Armstrong.

In closing, a few tips and suggestions. Streams do have hiccups. These are musicians not geeks. If stream dies, try the refresh button. Because of Facebook imposed limitations you can create a “Watch Party” to take bandwidth stress off the musicians site. Also, if you like what you are watching, hit “Share” to bring in others. And if you can, contribute to virtual tip jar (PayPal usually) to support musicians in these strange times.