April 13, 2024

british bankers club
BBC, the Other One

Rock and roll, rockabilly, and punk has a new stage on the Mid-Peninsula.  The British Banker’s Club opened three decades ago as a Menlo Park fern bar.  These days the ferns are gone and the club books live bands like Santa Cruz rockabilly from the Chop Tops, Santa Cruz surfabilly from Los High Tops and SF rockabilly from Miss Fire and the Detonations. Talk about disturbing the chardonnay!  Thanks, BBC, for letting the Pabst drinkers in and bringing life to the mid-Peninsula dead zone.

On third Thursdays The Sleeping Lady in Fairfax hosts Larry Carlin’s Bluegrass Showcase which is invitational, and Carlin, who is Marin’s main man for bluegrass, knows just whom to invite.  He produced monthly shows for many a moon at the Sweetwater Saloon in Mill Valley and at the Sweetwater Station in Larkspur.  Those venues have closed but the post office will stop delivering mail before Larry Carlin stops producing bluegrass, so off to the Sleeping Lady it is.  He also publishes a bluegrass newsletter that can be subscribed to by contacting him via his site.

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