July 15, 2024

riptide 200The Riptide, the last bar in San Francisco before the Farallone Islands, has been recording video of its bands and publishing the performances on YouTube.  The result has been an extensive video collection of  local and not so local bands that have played the Rip.  Find them all by searching riptidesf in YouTube.

Red Meat, East Bay Grease, Porkchop Express, Burning Embers, Joe Goldmark and the Seducers, and the now-disbanded Plain High Drifters are among the locals.  Big Smith and Rancho Deluxe are among the visitors.  Several clips are from Anna’s Monday night open mics.

Having so much to choose from begs the question of where to start.  This rousing track from one of the Shut-Ins‘ shows, which includes members of the Celtish-punkish band Culann’s Hounds and dancers from the Hot Pink Feathers, is a good jumping off point.

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