July 15, 2024
Jay 'n Bee Club
No License, No Music

UPDATE 5/20: According to Knockout partner dX the former Friday night Jay ‘n Bee Club record hop will be moving there on Sundays.  The Knockout already has two related shows: “Lonely Teardrops” every second Sunday which features vinyl-spinning DJ’s and live bands, and the all-vinyl “Shuckin’ & Jivin'” every fourth Sunday which features DJ Dr. Scott and Jay & Bee DJ Okie Oran, so it will be easy to roll everything into regular Sunday shows.  The good news is that this opens the door to live music along with the DJs.  The bad news is that, being a school night, it will be missed by those who were coming to Jay ‘n Bee from as far as San Jose and Santa Cruz.

ORIGINAL POST 5/9: DJs Tanoa “Samoa Boy,” Okie Oran, Sergio Inglesias and Rockin’ Raul Castro had a good thing going with their Friday night rotation at the Jay ‘n Bee Club on the Potrero side of SF’s Mission district, but all that has changed as of Friday, May 7th after The City’s music police dropped by to remind the club that it needed a cabaret license for DJed events.   The club is in a quiet neighborhood and a window rattling birthday bash held the weekend before likely prompted complaints to City Hall.

Knowing they’re onto a good thing, the DJs are looking to set up shop elsewhere.  Places like Club Waziema, near The Independent on Divisadero; or Homestead, formerly the Welsh bar Dylan’s, at 19th and Folsom are about the size and environment they want.

Turning to radio news, Hicks with Sticks and KALX are looking into another Why Baby, Why local music showcase in June.  Why Baby, Why is the station’s weekly Americana show that doesn’t have a regular DJ.  KALX’s twang-friendly Meaty Paws reserves a Why Baby, Why slot for new, local releases about once each year.  Airplay for any band isn’t guaranteed and HWS has most of the current releases, but one guarantee is that we can’t play what we don’t have, so if a band has something that HWS doesn’t then it is welcome to get in touch.

Whiskey, Sun Records and “good things come in threes” are American icons (or clichés) so imagine the Whiskey Richards, Real Sippin’ Whiskeys and Whiskey Pills Fiasco, playing at an alcohol recovery center near you.  As for Sun, artwork from recent releases by Porkchop Express, The B Stars and the Whiskey Richards (scoring a double!) tells the story.

Porkchop Express Sun ThemeB Stars Artwork


  1. While we agree that our album featuring the “glowing pig aura of genius” is a soon-to-be American icon, we’re honoring (ripping off) Hatch Show Print, not Sun Records. But if you play a cut off our platter on the above mentioned radio show, then we’ll overlook the mistake and we won’t challenge you to a fight.
    Porkchop Express

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