July 23, 2024

Curious about a band on the HWS Calendar or written about in Hicks with Sticks News?  The new and improved Bands page features short bios and links to Twang Americana Bay Area band sites, MySpace, videos, audio tracks and pictures.  At the end of the page are links to Americana bands just beyond the Bay Area and links to bands in the Bay Area that may not fit the HWS profile, but are kindred spirits.

There are 67 bands listed representing western swing, honky-tonk, alt-country and rockabilly, and almost all are within the Sonoma, East Bay, Santa Cruz triangle.  The greater SF Bay Area is second only to Austin in the number of these bands.

Updating the Bands page is never done, and there are still a few more links and bands to add, and to delete since a few of these bands haven’t been playing nor have they officially broken up.  In future we’ll add HWS reviews of their CDs and links to the bands’ Facebook pages.  Fortunately, we got around a bug that had been preventing the Bands page from being updated, but unfortunately we had to get to work and actually update it.  Now band browsing fans can burn some hours getting to know who’s who.

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