June 18, 2024

Local bands struggle to produce a CD when an EP will do just as well.  To understand this, it’s helpful to remember that bands like the Ramones and the Misfits sold more t-shirts than records.  The point is that where a band looks at a CD as a representation of its art, sadly but truly, today’s consumers look at it as just another piece of merchandise.

These days, when a 14-year-old can carry 40,000 songs on a device no larger than a pack of gum, when artwork, liner notes and production credits are insignificant, the market no longer views songs as individual pieces of art, but rather as a commodity much like wheat or barley.  As people have come to see songs as a commodity, it doesn’t matter whether there are twelve or five songs on a CD because what’s the difference between twelve or five among 40,000?  Proof, once again, that life isn’t fair.

Enter the humble EP, preferably packaged in a simple sleeve as a souvenir should be.  It’s quicker and cheaper to produce.  It focuses on the best 4-6 songs the band has to offer.  It’s low overhead even means that a band can put out one a year to keep things fresh.  More importantly, EPs mean the same to fans who are apt to upload the songs to their iGizmo and toss the disc and package anyway.


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