July 15, 2024

The Riptide looks to close the chapter on the fire that has suspended its operation since last year, possibly reopening next month.   But there’s a catch.  The Riptide had been hosting live music for ten years without an entertainment license, and The City and Taravel police station looked the other way because they knew that the owners were being cool about it.  They also recognized that the Riptide was a massive improvement over the meth-head bar that it was under its previous owners.

The bar needs your support which requires completing the Entertainment Commission’s simple support form at this site.  Here’s what Hicks with Sticks wrote.  Copy and paste at will.

“The best reason for supporting the Riptide’s entertainment license comes its track record of hosting live music over the last ten years. The venue has a reputation for booking quality musicians (as opposed to noisemakers), proactively catering to responsible clientele, and voluntarily limiting its music’s volume and hours.

In addition, the Riptide stands virtually alone as an institution for popular culture in the Outer Sunset. The business is also community-minded, having organized clean-up campaigns, street events and Christmas toy drives. These are exactly the kinds of San Franciscans we want to have entertainment permits.”