April 13, 2024

Amado’s, located at Valencia and 21st where Veracocha used to be, is S.F.’s newest music venue. Booking hasn’t ramped up as their liquor license is still pending, but they did kick it off this past weekend with a dual album release from songsters Melody Parker and Mark Allen-Piccolo.

Some will remember Veracocha as an “unusual objects” shop that ran music shows in its fire-trap basement for 5-6 years.  They started hosting acoustic shows without a permit, but in 2014 decided to go legit which meant cozying up the place and adding a second exit, which they did, then promptly went out of business.

Al’s Attire, which has been offering a tailored approach to clothes and shoes in North Beach for decades, scooped up the lease to open their second location and partnered with David Quimby of The Riptide to run the venue downstairs which retains the cozy setting of Veracocha.  Locals Young Moon and the Portland band Roselit Bone are scheduled for Friday, 8/19.  Find more at Armado’s site.