April 19, 2024

This podcast taken from a November 25th KALW show by Hicks with Sticks features new releases from SFBA Americana bands Nashville Honeymoon, The Muddy Roses, Tim and the Anglers, Court ‘n Disaster, The Dangaleros, Bad Mommies, and The Up & Down.  Other songs are from the Bay Area’s Jinx Jones and the KingTones, Pinebox Boys, Porkchop Express, Los High Tops and Devil Makes Three.  Also included are tunes from bands that tour the Bay Area regularly: Deke Dickerson, Haymarket Squares, Wayne “The Train” Hancock, Bill Kirchen, Carl Sonny Leyland, Joe & Vicki Price, Dwight Yoakum and Iris Dement.  The showhas been broken into four parts here to facilitate listening here and/or downloading.  The last of the four features a rare Hank Williams song, revived from a notebook he’d left behind by Jack White of the White Stripes and performed by San Francisco’s Luxomatics.

Part 1: Intro, Tracks 1-7 and Back Announce

Nashville Honeymoon

01. Fancy Pants – Nashville Honeymoon
02. Long Black River – The Muddy Roses
03. Paper Cut – Tim and the Anglers
04. I’m My Own Roadie – Court ‘n’ Disaster
05. Hot Rodder’s Lament – Deke Dickerson
06. California Blues – Wayne Hancock
07. ‘Til I Get My Fill – Mitch Polzak &t Royal Deuces


Part 2 : Tracks 8-12 and Back Announce

The Dangaleros

08. Bipolar Love Song – The Dangaleros
09. Forbidden Love – Haymarket Squares
10. Rockabilly Funeral – Twangbangers w/ Bill Kirchen
11. It Won’t Hurt – Dwight Yoakum
12. Mommy Prison Blues – Bad Mommies



Part 3: Tracks 13-18 and Back Announce

Pine Box Boys

13. No No No Yeah – Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit
14. Fat Cat – Joe & Vicki Price
15. Wasteland of the Free – Iris Dement
16. Welcome to the Funhouse – The Up and Down
17. I Killed The Band – Pine Box Boys
18. Second Bottle – Earles of Newtown


Part 4: Tracks 19-22, Back Announce and “You Know that I Know” (Hank Williams)


19. Not that Kind of Girl – Porkchop Express
20. Texas Radio – Los Hightops
21. Redneck Barbie – Jinx Jones
22. Never Learn – Devil Makes Three
23. You Know that I Know (Lyrics by Hank Williams) – Luxomatics




Special thanks to KALW and Peter Thompson’s “Bluegrass Signal” for supporting San Francisco Bay Area Americana music.