June 18, 2024

Pandora.com, Slacker.com, CowboyPoetry.com & PinUpLifestyle.com

Www.Pandora.com and www.Slacker.com want to be your radio stations because satellite radio is, like, soooo ’90s and MP3 players are soooo 2007.  Radio and webcasts are about stations providing music to their listeners.  MP3 players are about listeners providing music to themselves.  Pandora and Slacker start with “stations” that are really playlists from their databases, but as the listener rates each song, Pandora and Slacker give the listener more of what it believes the listener will like.  Brian Ford compares these free listening sites in this Newsvine article.

Cowboy poetMoving on to low tech, the old west is nothing if not overly romanticized, and nothing compares to looking at the old west through rose colored glasses quite like cowboy poetry.  One now forgotten cowboy poet, speaking from a small stage at a now forgotten Strawberry Music Festival, opined that he got into poetry because it paid better and was less work than mending fences.  CowboyPoetry.com is ground zero for the genre and it features poems, Pinup125publications, festivals, history, a fine selection of vintage photos and more.

Got a Jones for rockabilly or Bettie PagePinUpLifestyle.com will take it to the limit.  Start with the pictures of gorgeous pin-ups on the home page, sign up and dive right in to a site that’s a mini-MySpace for hep cats and kittens with groups, forums, listings, events and media.

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