July 23, 2024
Taking HWS to a New Level
Derek: Taking HWS to a New Level

Welcome to the new Hicks with Sticks site.  The archives and photos still need to be loaded, along with a few other tweeks, but here’s what’s new.

  • The newsletter has been broken down into individual blog posts that accept comments, use tags and are searchable.
  • The posts are in categories so, for example, fans will be able to sort for the CD reviews (once the archives have been loaded.)
  • Sound files can be added to the posts; again a work in progress.
  • Subsubscribing and unsubscribing has been automated.
  • Feeds lead to MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The new column at the right summarizes the latest calendar entries and othe useful information.
  • There’s a new easy-to-navigate photo gallery that will be loaded soon.
  • And the archives have a master index to make browsing easier.
  • Notice too the snazzy new HWS icon on your browser tab.

Many thanks to Derek the Scot for the invaluable help with WordPress.


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