June 18, 2024

It's Princess(!) Elizabeth

Hear your local twang bands via two Hicks with Sticks co-hosted radio shows, both broadcast and on the Web.  The first is this Saturday 11/27 on KALW from 6:30-8:00 and will feature all Bay Area musicians including the latest releases from the West Coast Ramblers, Red Meat, Plain High Drifters, Jinx Jones and the Kingtones, and more.  We’re sitting in with Peter Thompson of Bluegrass Signal who will give bluegrass the day off to make room for the amplifiers and drum kits twang crowd.

The next show is late on Tuesday11/30, which is technically Wednesday in the early AM.  Meaty Paws and yours truly, Jose Segue, will be hosting Why Baby, Why on KALX at UC, Berkeley from midnight to 1:00 am.  We’ll play local recent releases, but of course different tracks than those on KALW, so you can listen to both show and have it fresh.  In addition we’ll play the Kathy Kallick song that got her band banned from four(!) bluegrass festivals, and we’ll be spinning some great moments in Bay Area twang history including Joan Baez doing Bob Dylan songs country style with Nashville’s finest from the early ’70s, and the one great track from Neil Young’s otherwise “lost” ’80s period when he was under contract with Geffen Records, was unhappy with them, and they sued him for making crummy albums just to spite them.

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