May 18, 2024

Port Costa, a nook of a town, rests just east of Crockett on the south bank of the Carquinez Strait and is home to 190 souls according to the 2010 census.  It’s also home to The Warehouse, a cavernous restaurant and bar that once functioned as a riverside freight depot.  Sanford & Son are its interior decorators.  The Burlington Hotel across the street used to be a brothel.  It’s rooms don’t have numbers instead they have women’s names.

Mayor Mitch
The Honorable Mitch Polzak calls the meeting to order.

The town’s Mayor, the Honorable Mitch Polzak of Royal Deuces fame, has chaired the town’s New Year’s Eve proceedings for three years running.  This year’s Aldermen-at-Large were Les James on drums, Billy Wilson on bass, plus a couple of guest local players along with Pam Brandon and Serena Polzak, the Mayor’s 12-year-old fiddle-playing niece.

The Mayor's NieceThis was New Year’s Eve the way it should be with good company in a relaxed atmosphere and weather cold enough to freeze the puddles in the parking lot’s potholes.

Millie, the Room not the Girl, Served as Hicks with Sticks' Press Center
“Millie,” the room not the girl, served as the Hicks with Sticks press center



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